Pismo Beach Hotels,
Motels, Inns, and Resorts

There Are Roughly 2 Dozen
Pismo Beach Hotels, Motels, Inns, and Resorts
That Are Located Within 10 miles of Downtown and the Pier.

 I m a g i n e . . .

It's morning .  You're waking up in your comfortable bed of your Pismo hotel room .  You slowly open your eyes and look toward the large sliding glass door that leads to your ocean view balcony .  You see birds flying against a cool cloudy sky .  You hear the sound of waves crashing on the beach..  You breath in fresh clean sea air .  You smile .

pismo beach hotel balcony

It's hard to beat a fresh cool morning and a warm cup of coffee while overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It's magical. You might even call it...MOJO.

Let's talk about Pismo's Hotels...

Pismo Beach Hotels

You will find local hotels near Pismo Beach CA dispersed from Oceano and Arroyo Grande all the way up to Avila Beach. They are spread along the central California coast in a long line from south to north. A few of them are oceanfront hotels and others are slightly inland.

There are 5 to 10 hotels near Pismo Beach pier and downtown areas. At least, within walking distance (depending on how far you're willing to walk).

Hotels, Motels, Inns, Resorts, Pismo Beach CAHotels, Motels, Inns, Resorts, Pismo Beach CA

At one time that may have been an issue for over-nighters. If you didn't have your vehicle in Pismo with you, or just simply didn't want to drive, you might have found it difficult to get around. Especially, if you're staying at one of the farther hotels.

Today though, there's is always an Uber or Lyft somewhere nearby.  So, even if your lodging is a mile or more from downtown restaurants and shopping, no problem.  There's an app for that! Just order up a quick ride.  The drivers are usually close by and arrive within a few minutes. This is especially helpful if you plan on enjoying a few adult beverages.

If you're bringing your dogs, not to worry, many of them are pet friendly hotels.

pismo beach hotelsPismo Beach Hotels

Pismo Beach Hotel Rooms Price Range

Prices for hotel rooms in Pismo can run anywhere from $50 per night to $600 per night or even more at the luxury resorts.

The pricing often depends on the day of the week (weekends are more expensive) AND the time of year (the busy summer season will cost you a few more bucks).


During the busy summer season you can expect to see hotel/motel prices between $80 and $500 in the middle of the week. On the weekends those prices can double at some of the hotels, motels, and Pismo Beach Inns. Expect weekends to hit you with $150 to $600 per night.

Even the cheaper motel chains like Motel 6 stay above $200 during the summer months.  I've seen them drop to around $70 in the winter.


In the OFF SEASON, November thru March, you can find weekday prices falling to around $50 to $300 for the same hotels. On busier winter weekends, $70-$400.

To sum up...If you're looking to be friendly to your bank account, Pismo Beach Hotels and Motels are gonna cost at least around a hundred bucks a pop. Especially by the time they add their hotel taxes to the bill.

But if you're not on a budget, you have a lot more options. Many hotels in Pismo Beach, CA run $200 plus.

Of course, you get what you pay for...

Do you want one of the oceanfront hotels with a sea view and access straight down to the beach? It's gonna cost ya.

Or are you OK with one of the Pismo Motels that are a couple miles from the beach? Are you OK with taking long walks, or at least taking a short drive? There are deals to be had.

Obviously, everyone would like to save a few bucks, even if you can afford one of the luxury resorts. AMIRIGHT?

Check out this page to see the latest DEALS being offered on Pismo Beach accommodations of all kinds.

Let's break them down a little more by price...

  • Cheap Pismo Beach Hotels
  • Moderately Priced Pismo Hotels
  • Luxury Resorts

Cheap Pismo Beach Hotels

"Cheap" is a subjective term. What a cheap hotel is to me may not be what a cheap hotel is to you. But here's the thing, there are no crappy hotels or motels in Pismo Beach California.

Admittedly, here are a handful that are questionable. Maybe they should have replaced their carpet a couple of years ago. Maybe it's about time to fix that dripping faucet.

They're not bad though. They're just, well, "affordable".

These are the hotels in Pismo Beach CA that start at around $100...give or take.

Check out my Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Pismo Beach here.

Cheap Hotels Pismo

Moderately Priced Pismo Hotels

Again, "moderate". What does that even mean?

For Pismo, I view "moderate" to be a starting price of about $150 to $350.

These are the "best" hotels in Pismo Beach...not the most luxurious but A GREAT VALUE FOR THE PRICE.

I consider them the BEST because most people traveling to Pismo Beach find them to be in their price range. They're clean, modern, with great customer service, they have a great pool, hot tub, gym, and sometimes a restaurant. They often are oceanfront with beach access...or at least have a view of the sea.

They are great hotels but they're not $600 per night which most people would flinch hard at.

These are the "BEST" hotels for the price charged.

Check out my extensive list of moderately priced BEST hotels in Pismo Beach here.

best motels in pismo beach ca

Pismo Beach Luxury Resorts

According to beaches.com, a RESORT is pretty much a self contained hotel that offers everything you need or want on your vacation. Here's their definition...

Resort Definition

Excuse me while I play with this definition a bit....

There are several hotels on the California Central Coast that could potentially fall under that definition. They are pretty much self contained...recreation, restaurants, gift shops, entertainment.  But most people don't think of them as "resorts", they're just "nice hotels".

So, in the spirit of consistency, I'm going to defining a Pismo Beach resort by it's pricing.  If my cheap hotels have a starting price of around $100, and my moderate hotels start at $100-$300, it only makes sense that luxury resorts would be $300 and higher.  Does that sound fair?

Regardless how I define them, here are Pismo's finest most luxurious hotels and resorts.

pismo beach luxury resorts

Make Your Choice

So, even though it's a small town, 3 hours from any major populated city, it has many choices when it comes to accommodations with Pismo Beach CA hotels, motels, inns, resorts (plus camping and RV parks).

How do they do it? How can they provide such a broad variation of places to stay? And for almost any price range?