Hotels Near Pismo Beach Pier

Looking for hotels near Pismo Beach pier?

That is definitely the hot spot of Pismo. Not only are you within walking distance of the pier and the beach and the ocean, but you're also within a quick stroll of the pier shopping area on Pomeroy Ave.

The gift shops and candy shops are numerous and you don't have to drive anywhere.

hotels near pismo beach pierHotels Near Pismo Beach Pier

Plus, there are some great restaurants within a block or two of these Pismo Beach hotels like Hoagies, Splash Cafe, Wooly's, and Cool Cat Cafe.

Harry's Night Club & Beach Bar is right there too (they'll be re-opening soon).  And that's important. After a couple of hours spent at Harry's you probably don't want to drive anywhere.  You can just walk over and then stumble back to your room later.

The next morning when you need that strong cup of coffee you can hit up one of the nearby coffee houses...Scorpion Bay or Kraken Coffee Co.

Need a quick breakfast snack to go along with that coffee.  It's just a hop, skip, and a jump over to Surfside Donuts or Old West Cinnamon Rolls.

Also, there are plenty of places to walk to for lunch and dinner. 

And the old downtown area on Price St is not so far from hotels near Pismo Beach pier. Some of the best Pismo restaurants are just a few blocks away...Cracked Crab, Rosa's, and Giuseppe's.

8 Closest Hotels Near Pismo Beach Pier

It's totally understandable why you'd want to be in one of the hotels near the Pismo Beach pier.

Not only is their location awesome but a few of them are quite new builds.  Let's check'em out...

Below are the 8 closest hotels to the pier...

Inn at The Pier

The first one that comes to mind is the brand new hotel everyone has been talking about, The Inn At The Pier

Often referred to as "The Pismo Beach Pier Hotel", the name says it all doesn't it? If "close to the pier" is what your looking for, you can't do better than this. 

It's right there bordering the public pier parking lot and the pier.  Get one of those west facing rooms and you can sit on your balcony and look at the pier, beach, and ocean to your hearts content.

This is a luxury hotel with it's own restaurant, rooftop bar, rooftop outdoor pool and hot tub, and fitness center.

Like I said, ocean view rooms are available.

Prices at Inn at The Pier run from $250 to $500 per night depending on whether you are there mid-week vs weekend or winter vs summer.

More info on Inn at the Pier here   

Inn At The Pier Pismo
Inn At The Pier Pismo, room
Inn At The Pier on map

Vespera Resort on Pismo Beach

Vespera Resort is the upscaliest of the upscale Pismo hotels and resorts. Not cheap at all. It's also one of the newest.

Rooms here will cost you $200 to $450 in the winter months.  Rooms in the summer jump to $400 to $650 per night.

It's definitely a beautiful resort with oceanfront rooms with balconies, easy beach access (it's literally ON THE BEACH), a large pool and hot tub, and a very nice outdoor patio area with tables, chairs, and gas powered fire pits.

There's also a bar and a grill on site so you can drink and eat without leaving the property.  And if you WANT to leave the property, Vespera is one of the closest hotels near Pismo Beach pier...and just a few hundred feet from the pier restaurants and shops.

It's a great resort in a great location...if you can afford it.  805-773-1011

Vespera Resort Pismo near pier
Vespera Resort Pismo, room
Vespera Resort Pismo on map

Pismo Beach Hotel

What's the perfect name for a hotel in the center of downtown Pismo Beach?

Yep, "Pismo Beach Hotel". Makes sense to me.

This hotel is a classic. One of the oldest hotels near Pismo Beach pier and in the entire area. Movies have been filmed here including Clark Gables' Strange Cargo. Clark Gables stayed here often as did Betty Davis, Spencer Tracy, and Joan Crawford.

It's an oldie but a goodie. It was recently remodeled and updated new flooring, paint, and beautiful pine furniture.

It's not the fanciest hotel in the area but it is very nice, comfortable and clean. And you absolutely cannot beat the location. Located right smack dab in the middle of the Pomeroy Ave downtown area, across the street from Brads Restaurant and just a couple of doors down from Harry's. Only a block from the pier and beach!

Check out the intriguing Spanish style lobby and courtyard where you can spend some leisure time or host a large event.

Prices for the Pismo Beach Hotel near the pier are in the range of $150 to $250 per night depending on the time of year.      (800) 575-1705

Pismo Beach Hotel near pier
Pismo Beach Hotel room
Pismo Beach Hotel lobby
Pismo Beach Hotel on the map

Sandcastle Hotel on the Beach

Sandcastle Hotel on the Beach is another high end resort similar to Vespera. One of the newest hotels near the Pismo Beach pier, it's only a few hundred feet down the boardwalk.

Sandcastle offers 74 rooms, ocean-view, beach access, balconies, suites, and beautiful outdoor areas with pool and hot tub.  There's also a bar and bistro on site.

Prices range $150-$500    (805) 773-2422

Sandcastle Hotel near Pismo pier
Sandcastle Hotel room
Sandcastle Hotel patio
Sandcastle Hotel on map

SeaVenture Beach Hotel

The SeaVenture Beach Hotel is next door to the Sandcastle and so is just a few yards farther away from the pier. It's still pretty close and within walking distance

It's a very nice upscale hotel with clean modern rooms and furniture.

Interestingly, they claim to be the only Pismo hotel that's actually "on the beach". I guess, technically, that's true. The other hotels require you to walk under or over the boardwalk to actually get to the sand.  The boardwalk ends before it reaches the SeaVenture. It's a small technicality but if being 10 feet closer to the beach is important to you, well then, the SeaVenture is your place.

Many of the rooms have full views, or partial views, of the beach and ocean with balconies and patios. Also, some have small hot tubs.

Unfortunately, there's not much of a pool.  The small pool is located at the back of the property, away from the beach, with a small lounge area.

There is a restaurant on site that serves locally produced foods and local wines.

Prices can range from $150 to $550.

Seaventure Beach Hotel near pismo pier
Seaventure Beach Hotel room
Seaventure Beach Hotel on map

Dolphin Cove Motel

A few steps closer to the beach than Motel 6 and a little bit nicer. In fact, the property line touches the beach.

This is one of the older motels near the pier being built in 1938. The rooms are comfortable and only slightly dated.

Dolphin Cove Motel takes pride in being able to cater to those people who are active. Being so close to the pier and the beach, many visitors stay here and take advantage of the nearby surfing, bike riding, and dune ATV riding.

You're within walking distance of the pier shops, restaurants, and recreational rental companies.

I have to admit, taking into account the lower prices AND it's proximity to the beach, this is one of my favorite motels. It's a great value compared to other hotels nearby.

Room price range from $150 to $400 per night and suites are available    (805) 773-4706

Dolphin Cove Motel near Pismo pier
Dolphin Cove Motel room
Dolphin Cove Motel on map

Beach House Inn & Suites

The Beach House Inn, while not one of newer hotels, is still quite modern and clean.

Even though it's not on the beach (it's just east of the Dolphin Cove) many rooms have views of the ocean and balconies. Suites are available per night or even for purchase as a condominium.

It's a few blocks from the pier and about a block from the beach.

Price range $150 to $450.     805-773-7476

Beach House Inn and Suites near pismo pier
Beach House Inn and Suites room
Beach House Inn and Suites on map

Motel 6 Pismo Beach - Pacific Ocean

Well, what can I say, it's Motel 6. 

Much of the interiors and furniture are dated and there is the occasional musty odor.

There are no perks such as continental breakfast. Although, they provide some mediocre coffee. Thanks.

The location however is pretty good. It's a couple of blocks from the beach and about 4 blocks from the pier.  The Pomeroy Ave and Cabrillo Hwy shops and restaurants are nearby.

Somehow they get $250 to $400 per night.  For some strange reason, their prices get higher in the slow winter months.  That's the complete opposite of other hotels nearby. 
(805) 773-2070

Motel 6 Pismo beach--Pacific Ocean near pier
Motel 6 Pismo beach--Pacific Ocean room
Motel 6 Pismo beach--Pacific Ocean on map

BONUS #9--Beachcomber Inn

I know I said I was only doing the 8 closest hotels to the pier but the Beachcomber is right in there close too.  Wouldn't be fair to leave it out.

The Beachcomber Inn is an older budget friendly motel with updated rooms in a cute boutique style. The entire inn is only made up of 7 rooms but each studio-sized room is typically a little larger than the average motel room.

Just about 4 blocks to the pier and Pomeroy Ave shops and restaurants.

Unfortunately, no ocean-view balconies, no pool area, no patio area, no gym, no restaurant on site (plenty nearby though).

Price range: $100 to $300  805.773.5505

Beachcomber Inn near Pismo pier
Beachcomber Inn
Beachcomber Inn on the map

Summing Up...

So, there ya have it.  The 8, ooops, I mean "9" closest hotels near the Pismo Beach pier.

If I were to add a 10th it would be the Beachwalker Inn.  And the 11th would be Sea Garden Motel.  Both of these are relatively cheaply priced compared to the high end beachfront hotels, running around the $100 to $300 mark.  But they are beyond the 4 block maximum distance I set for this page. Both are about 6 blocks away from the pier.

Make your reservations now and WE'LL SEE YOU IN PISMO!