Cheap Hotels in Pismo Beach CA

I love cheap hotels in Pismo Beach.

I mean, hotel prices on the central coast can be a little cray-cray. Am I right?

Paying $300, $400, and even more for a bed and a shower can be quite painful.  Add in your meals, travel costs, maybe some entertainment costs, a cinnamon roll, and a few $4 pieces of're gonna come away with a dent in your bank account.

Personally, I don't mind doing without the continental breakfast and the pool (although some of these inexpensive hotels have those) if I can save a few bucks . I'm guessing you have a similar opinion.

So, let's talk about some cheap Pismo motels and hotels...

Cheap Hotels in Pismo Beach

My Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Pismo Beach

Before we get started let's make sure we're on the same page...

When looking for cheap hotels in Pismo you have to realize that these are not going to be oceanfront properties with a view of the sea from your spacious balcony and the maid is leaving chocolates on your bed. I think you already know, these hotels won't be luxurious or perfectly located. In fact, a couple of these are going to be beyond the Pismo Beach city limits...but just barely.

When looking for discount hotels and motels we have to make some sacrifices.

Also, I would have liked to be able to sort these cheap Pismo Beach hotels by price, lowest price to highest price, but their prices fluctuate so much it would be impossible. The cheapest hotel this week might be the 3rd cheapest next week and the 5th cheapest the week after that.

So, I tried to start with the cheap motels and hotels that are closest to the Pismo Beach pier and back away from there.

That being said, here the best cheap hotels in Pismo Beach California...

Sea Garden Motel

I love what the folks at Sea Garden Motel say about themselves on their Google listing, "unfussy traditional room in a straightforward motel". Perfect, I love it.  That's a very clever way of saying "cheap motel with no frills".

This is a decent older hotel close to the Pismo pier and downtown areas. In fact, it's the CLOSEST of all the cheap hotels in Pismo Beach.  So, if being within walking distance to the shopping areas, restaurants, and the beach are important, this is the place for you.

It has all the necessities...flat screen TV, coffee, free continental breakfast, free wi-fi, and is pet friendly.

No pool, no hot tub, no ocean view balconies, no on-site restaurant, no gym.

Summer prices range from about $100 to $250 but can often be had for around $120 even on weekends.

(805) 773-2216

Sea Garden Inn Pismo
Sea Garden Inn Pismo room
Sea Garden Inn Pismo on map

Quality Inn Pismo Beach

Quality Inn (previously called Rose Garden Inn) is a low budget national hotel chain slightly nicer than Motel 6.

This cheap motel is actually pretty nice. It's one of the cleaner cheap hotels in Pismo Beach.The rooms are freshly painted and have nice comfortable furniture.

Plus, they actually have a nice pool, hot tub, and outdoor patio area. BONUS!

Flat screen TVs, free wi-fi, free breakfast.

The location isn't bad either...just a couple blocks from Pismo Outlet stores and several restaurants.  Also, less than a mile from the pier area.

Exterior entrances, no balconies, no ocean view, no restaurant on-site.

Summer prices range from about $100 to $250. And you can save a few bucks by joining their Rewards Program.

(805) 556-4106

quality inn pismo beach, cheap hotel
quality inn pismo beach room
quality inn pismo beach pool
quality inn pismo beach breakfast
quality inn pismo on map

Ocean Palms Motel

Ocean Palms in Pismo Beach is a nice older motel that will save you a few bucks over the more expensive hotels.

Several blocks from the pier but still within walking distance, the Ocean Palms Motel has clean comfortable rooms with free wi-fi, in-room coffee, small refrigerator, microwave, and flat screen TVs.

Outside there's a large clean pool and patio area.  They're pet friendly and you'll find a pleasant grassy lawn area to relax or let your dog do his business.

No ocean view, several blocks from the pier, no balconies, exterior entrances, no breakfast, no hot tub, no restaurant on-site.

You'll find winter prices as low as about $70 up to $160 and summer prices up to about $120 to $300.     (805) 773-4669

Ocean Palms Motel Pismo Beach
Ocean Palms Motel Pismo room
Ocean Palms Motel Pismo pool
Ocean Palms Motel Pismo grassy area
Ocean Palms Motel Pismo map

Motel 6 Pismo Beach

Motel 6 is never anything to brag about but they've been able to keep this one in Pismo Beach CA smelling fresh and looking clean.  And it's just about the cheapest motel room you're ever going to find in the area.

NOTE: There are 2 Motel 6s in Pismo. Don't confuse the two.  One is near downtown Pismo where prices are twice as much, it's not cheap and is not included in this list. The cheap one that I'm listing hear is near Pismo Outlets shopping center.

Just like most Motel 6s, they offer in-room coffee, small refrigerator, free wi-fi, kids are free, and pets are allowed.

They also have a nice clean pool with patio area.

Nearby is the Pismo Outlet stores for some fun shopping and several restaurants.  The hotel is about 1.5 miles from the pier so either enjoy a nice long walk or rent a bike.

No hot tub, no on-site restaurant (although Denny's is just a stones throw away), no gym, no ocean view, no balconies.

I've seen this Motel 6 drop to as low as $60 and as high as $200. One of the least expensive cheap hotels in Pismo Beach.

(805) 979-9809

Motel 6 Pismo Beach CA
Motel 6 Pismo Beach  room
Motel 6 Pismo Beach map

The Palomar Inn, Shell Beach

The Palomar Inn is one of the most affordable hotels in the area. Even though it's up the road in Shell Beach, the price is exactly what we're looking for.

It's a small older hotel that is kept clean and fresh. Available in rooms is small refrigerator, microwave, free wi-fi, and flat screen TVs with cable channels. Is also pet friendly.

Outside is a cozy patio area with a barbecue. There is also an upstairs patio with a view of the small town of Shell Beach and the ocean beyond.

It's a couple miles north of the Pismo Beach pier but shell covered, less crowded, Vista Del Mar Beach is just a few blocks away. There are also several small parks nearby including Dinosaur Caves Park.

There are a couple of quality coffee shops and cafes nearby as well.

For a quieter atmosphere than downtown Pismo, this is a good choice and one of the cheap hotels in Pismo Beach area.

No pool, no hot tub, no balconies (just the one upstairs patio).

I've seen prices as low as $99 and as high as $300.     (805) 773-4204

The Palomar Inn Shell Beach near Pismo
The Palomar Inn Shell Beach near Pismo room
The Palomar Inn Shell Beach near Pismo patio
The Palomar Inn Shell Beach near Pismo map

OK, that's your 5 cheap hotels in Pismo Beach. Want a couple more?

BONUS: Two More Cheap Hotels in Pismo Beach (well, NEAR Pismo Beach)

There are two more hotels nearby that deserve Honorable Mention. One is in Arroyo Grande and the other is in Grover Beach. 

If you love to shop, Arroyo Grande should be your pick.  It's a cute little town with interesting shops, including some antiques. It's about 4 miles south of Pismo Beach on the Hwy 101.

Prices are often under $100 but can double during busy weekends.

Beachway Inn Motel, Arroyo Grande, 805-489-5633

beachway-inn cheap hotel near pismo beach
beachway-inn cheap hotel near pismo beach ca

Grover Beach is where the other is located, about 2 miles south of Pismo on Hwy 1.  This is the place to be if you're going to do some beach camping or ATV riding at the dunes. Also, the Monarch Butterfly Grove and the Pismo Beach Golf Course are nearby.

Cheap Hotel Near Pismo Beach
Cheap Hotel Near Pismo Beach Sea View Inn

Wrapping It Up...

That's 7 good ones. If you're coming to the central coast and looking for cheap hotels or motels in, or near, Pismo Beach, one of these should be able to provide a room at a relatively cheap price. These are regularly the cheapest accommodations in the area.

Now, grab one of those and WE'LL SEE YOU IN PISMO!