About the Pismo Mojo Fam

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the interwebs. I hope that you manage to find something useful here...if I can help, even in a small way, to make your next vacation to Pismo Beach a little easier or more enjoyable, than I have succeeded.

Pismo Family

This site is intended to be a family project with my college student daughters but, as you might guess, their schedule as full-time students and part-time employees, can be a bit daunting. Therefore, I (the Dad) will be doing most of the writing and exploring.

While I build Websites and Online Marketing Strategies for small local businesses for a living, PismoMojo is a personal project to show vacationers, like myself, ways to navigate and get the most out of this place that I love, Pismo Beach, CA.

Here's my story...

A Love for Pismo Beach Begins...

I was only about 5 years old...

My family of 6 traveled from the hot dusty San Joaquin Valley to visit my Uncle (my Dad's brother) in Lompoc, CA. The home of Vandenberg Air Force Base where my Uncle worked.

At that young age I didn't really know where I was in the world. I just knew I got to spend of few days at my cousins house.

But then it happened. The day after arriving we took a trip up the highway to Pismo Beach.

WOW! My first time! Amazing!

The smell of sea water, the cool breeze, the sand between my toes. I was hooked.

Every summer we took the same trip.

Fast forward a few years and as a teenager, my friends and I discovered the dunes.  We spent countless hours driving there, riding around on three-wheelers, in a 4-wheel drive pick-up, and then driving home. Good times.

And now, as an adult and father, I come to Pismo with my kids to experience all it has to offer.

An Internet Story Begins...

It was around 2002 (I honestly don't remember the exact year). I had just moved back to California after living in Colorado for a few years.  I had missed my local family, my home town, and, of course, Pismo Beach.

It was a time of change.  I left my existing Colorado business behind (wholesale Native American jewelry) and was looking for something new. I started buying and fixing mobile homes. Kinda fun and I made a few bucks.

As a hobby, I was looking for something fun to do with this new thing called the "internet". It was fun. You could search for and learn about almost anything. 

Then I thought, "Hey, why not me? I could build a webpage about something."

But HOW? What kind of programming skills do I need to know to build a website? Where do I even start?

So, I started searching the web for info...

  • "how to build a website"
  • "how to learn HTML"
  • "where to host a website"

It was a jumble of confusing, messy, contradicting, time wasting information. A convoluted mind-numbing puzzle.

I was about to give up.

Then I Met Ken...

Well, we didn't meet face-to-face. I found him on the internet.

I bought one of his e-books about how to build a website and even make money with it. It was a great book.

In that book he talked about a brand new idea he had. He wanted to create a "website building platform" where a person wouldn't have to worry about learning HTML, building a site from scratch, or finding a trustworthy hosting company. He wanted to make it easy to build a website.

And he actually did it! He calls it Solo Build It and it's brilliant.

So, I built my first site. Pet related. All about raising and taking care of pet birds. It was fun.

Over the years I've built several websites with Ken's SoloBuildIt (SBI).

My newest one? You guessed it! PismoMojo.com, all about the place where I love to get sandy and salty.

And this time, I get to include my daughters in the process because it's a FAMILY THING.

Wrapping Up...

What now? Well, I get to spend even more time in Pismo Beach.  I have a great excuse.."I have to work on my website". (HAHA, "..have too...", more like, "GET TOO!")

And because it's not just a hobby site, but it actually makes a profit, most things I spend money on are a business expense and tax deductible. How cool is that?

So, my daughters and I visit Pismo more than ever (hopefully moving here soon...it's in the works).

What a great way to spend my free time, a dream come true really.  We get to write about the place we love, take lots of photos and videos and share them with others, and provide info to our friends about Pismo Beach travel.

Play has now become our work and our work is play.